Nation Wants Arena – Nation Gets Arena

In 2010 mayor Sorin Oprescu visited the building site of Arena Naţională, Romania’s first UEFA ‘certified’ stadium. I arrived there one hour before the official visit, and got the chance to witness this beautiful masquerade. Workers were loafing around, they hadn’t moved a leg all day long, and now, with the mayor soon to knock on the door, they were asking each other what to do. Few minutes before the mayor entered the building, every worker grabbed what was closest: a hammer, a rope, some piece of equipment etc. The stadium was almost complete, except for one last block of concrete. The very second the mayor entered the stadium, the final piece got lifted from the ground and placed right were it belonged to. Everyone applauded, workers were praised for their diligence. The press took notes and photos of this joyful moment. Then all left and everything went back to normal. The workers continued their peaceful nap.

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