My name is Dorothea, I am a photographer and tea lover living in Berlin. In the past years I have been taking photos all over Europe, during this period I discovered the 3 photographic focus points I would like to pursue in the future: documentary photography, event photography and lomography. Most of my work is inspired by music and movies, this is why you’ll find many photos described through song lyrics, poems or pithy movie lines.

I was fortunate enough to study and work at some highly professional institutions and photographers such as: DPA (German Press Ageny), ImPhoto Press Agency and Stelian Pavalache.  I currently live in Berlin and study Area Studies (focusing on South Asia) at the Humboldt University. I believe languages can open many paths, this is why I am currently also learning Portuguese and Hindi/Urdu.

More details about my past experiences are listed in my CV.


Most of my photos are available in larger formats. If you are interested in purchasing any of them, please drop me a line through the contact page.



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